Diana Holland

Diana Holland

Diana Holland is UNITE Assistant General Secretary. She has many years’ experience as a union negotiator and representative across the diverse sectors of the union, building powerful alliances across workplaces and into the wider community on key issues including : working time and work-life balance, fair pay and pensions, decent standards, security, health & safety and dignity at work, addressing under-representation of women, black Asian ethnic minorities, disabled people and LGBT, and opposing the race to the bottom on standards for workers and communities.

A long-standing member of the CSEU Executive and delegate to CSEU Congress, she was the elected President of the CSEU 2003-5.

She is a member of the Rail Supply Group Council and the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink; part of the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority Workers/Labour Providers activities and leads the Unite team to the Low Pay Commission. She is also a member of the International Transport Workers Federation Executive Board, Chair of the ITF Women Transport Workers Committee and a member of the TUC and Global TUC Women’s Committees.

A local, national and international campaigner on core labour standards and social justice, she served on behalf of the union on NCVO working groups on the Nolan principles, the Labour Party Minimum Wage Preparatory Group, and was a member of the ILO Experts group on Violence and Harassment in the World of Work.

A long-standing active commitment to combatting poverty and for the rights of migrant domestic workers, she has been a member is the Labour Party NEC since 1994, and is currently the elected Treasurer of the Labour Party.

She was awarded the OBE for services to equal opportunities in employment in 2001.