Community Support

Community grants the Alex Ferry Foundation has awarded since 2020.

CSEU regionName of CharityRCNAwardedAward date
East Midlands RegionThe Bridge Loughborough1050596£5,000 19/06/2020
East Midlands RegionDirect Help and Advice1073231£5,000 19/06/2020
East Midlands RegionDerbyshire Law Centre702419£5,000 19/06/2020
East Midlands region
Emmanuel House Support Centre 1077424£2,000 18/03/2022
East Midlands RegionDerbyshire Asbestos Support Team (DAST)1186006£5,000 14/07/2020
East Midlands region
Robin Centre - Nottingham hospitals charity1165397 £3,00014/04/2022
East Midlands region
Derbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centres (DUWC) 1165828 £10,000 06/12/2021
East Midlands RegionLeicester Unemployed Workers’ Centre1183416£10,000 06/07/2020
East Midlands RegionDerbyshire Unemployed Workers’ Centres (DUWC)1165828£10,000 02/07/2020
East Midlands RegionBig Kirk Hallam Community Centre1073099£5,000 02/07/2020
East Midlands RegionLeicester South Foodbank1166104£5,000 02/07/2020
North West RegionTeardrops Supporting the Homeless1169427£8,200 25/09/2020
North West RegionMen’s Shed Fleetwood1186935£6,800 25/09/2020
North West RegionVauxhall Community Law & Information Centre702458£10,000 13/05/2020
North West region
Mind in Furness Ltd1143600 £9,18312/05/2022
North West region Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre1088044 £9,95010/12/2021
North West region Amazing Graze1167233£5,00009/11/2021
North West regionNorth West Hazards Trust1194500£10,00009/09/2021
North West RegionPLS Food Foundation1167323£10,000 06/07/2020
North West RegionHalton & St Helens VCA1106001£5,000 06/07/2020
North West RegionLiverpool Six Community Association1110049£5,000 02/07/2020
North West RegionThe Foxton Centre1153080£5,000 02/07/2020
Northern Irish RegionUlster University Law Clinic 100166£10,000 30/07/2021
Northern Irish RegionNorth Belfast Alternatives103370£7,000 24/02/2021
Northern Irish region
Newhill Youth & Community AssociationNIC105883 £10,000 17/12/2021
Scottish region
Campaign Bootcamp 1169639£6,62526/11/2021
Scottish RegionFaith in Community ScotlandSC036787£5,000 21/05/2020
Scottish RegionPlaylist for LifeSC044072£10,000 20/05/2020
Scottish RegionEATS RosythSC048688£5,000 13/05/2020
Scottish RegionCyreniansSC011052£15,000 13/05/2020
Scottish RegionWest Dunbartonshire CVSSC032003£5,000 13/05/2020
Scottish RegionGlasgow SW FoodbankSC045121£5,000 13/05/2020
Scottish RegionInverclyde FoodbankSC037754£5,000 06/07/2020
South West RegionPlymouth VCSE (POP)1167515£10,000 21/06/2021
South West RegionDevon Community Foundation (DCF)1057923£30,000 20/07/2020
South West RegionImproving Lives Plymouth1066776£9,963 19/06/2020
South West region
Plymouth VCSE (POP) 1167515£10,000 07/01/2022
Southern RegionSouthampton Advice and Representation Centre Ltd1112999£10,000 15/12/2020
Southern region
Southampton Advice and Representation Centre Ltd1112999£10,00006/12/2021
Welsh region
Margam Youth Activities Leisure Centre515319 £7,625 18/02/2022
Welsh region
Asbestos Awareness & Support Cymru 1148804 £5,000 17/12/2021
Welsh region
The Really Amazing Charity (TRAC2)1157960£10,00017/12/2021
West Midlands region
YMCA Burton1077798£7,000 18/03/2022
Yorkshire & North East region Tyne and Wear Centre Against Unemployment (TWCAU)1171669 £5,20026/11/2021
Yorkshire & North East region West View Advice & Resource  Centre1084632£10,000 17/07/2020
Yorkshire & North East region
Yorkshire & Humberside Asbestos Victim’s support group (SARAG)1080365£6,84007/01/2022
Yorkshire & North East region
West View Advice and Resource Centre1084632 £10,000 06/04/2022
Yorkshire & North East region
If U Care Share Foundation 1142001 £5,000 01/04/2022
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