Our Staff

Keiran Goddard 

Keiran Goddard is the Executive Director and an experienced leader within the policy, research and foundation space. He was formerly Director of Reboot the Future Foundation and was the Director of External Affairs at the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), overseeing its policy and influencing functions, as well as playing a lead role in strategic development and partnerships. Educated at the University of Oxford, Keiran has written two books, spoken internationally about sector issues, sat on the DAFNE Legal Affairs Committee, authored a number of academic articles, is a co-author of the Foundation Giving Trends series and is a Policy Fellow at the University of Cambridge. He has a longstanding interest in labour rights, organising, and the future of work.

Ian Waddell 

Ian Waddell is the External Relations Director  and helped establish us as a unique charity which aims to improve the lives of people who work or have worked in the UK shipbuilding, engineering and related manufacturing industries, as well as their families and dependants. He was present at the High Court hearing in 2018 that led to the gift of millions of pounds from the CSEU 35 Hour Week Campaign to the Alex Ferry Foundation and oversaw the elections to create the Board of the new charity.

Ian is also the General Secretary of the Confederation of Shipbuilding & Engineering Unions (CSEU).  The CSEU represents union members working in aerospace, defence, engineering, rail, steel-making, shipbuilding and ship repair and has four major affiliates – UniteGMBCommunity and Prospect.  Ian was elected as General Secretary in October 2017 after a 20-year career as a full-time officer with Unite and its predecessor unions.  He sits on the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) Board and is active in skills, also sitting on the Board of Enginuity, the former Sector Skills Council.


Ngozi Ojike 

Ngozi is an experienced administrator, executive assistant, and operations professional, who focuses on ensuring the foundation has robust operational, financial and organisational processes. She has worked with the CSEU for over a decade and has previous experience in public sector bodies and professional institutes.

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