Community Grants

The Foundation has chosen to work closely with the CSEU regions in the allocation of its community grant fund.

Please note that we only accept applications for community grants which have been submitted through the CSEU regions and all applications must have a supporting document from the relevant region.

The regions are the local focus for the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions  in the relevant industries.  There are ten CSEU regions where we operate our community grants.

  • East Midlands
  • Eastern
  • North West
  • Northern Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Southern
  • South West
  • Wales
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire, Humberside and North East

The CSEU regions will identify and give support to charitable projects which reflect both their local priorities and also our strategic plan and objectives.

Community grants the regions will support are aimed at bringing people together and building strong relationships across their communities.   Activities funded will have a focus on:

  • improving the places and spaces that matter to communities.
  • enabling more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage.
  • involving the local community in the design, development and delivery of the grant receiving planning.

Sharing Information with other Grant Makers 

We reserve the right to share information on applications received and information received from organisations which have a grant with other grant makers unless an organisation expressly requests otherwise. All personal data will be dealt with in line with current General Data Protection policies.

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