Mission and Vision

We want to make a difference

Everything we do is focused on creating meaningful change and impact. We want to use our time and resources effectively because we’re always striving for the most enduring changes.

We want to help people live well (sometimes known as individual wellbeing) and also to help people live well together (sometimes known as social wellbeing) of our beneficiaries across the jurisdictions of the UK.

  • We will make Community Grants to help local communities live well
  • We will make Research Grants to influence public opinion and policy to help us all to live well together


We are seeking these two broad outcomes through our grant making:

  • Everyone lives in a safe and supportive community
  • Everyone who wants to work has access to ‘good work’.

Good work can be measured by a number of factors and these include: voice and autonomy, good pay, overall worker satisfaction, participation and progression, equality, safety and security.


We will always want to work in partnership:

  • Bringing the philanthropic Foundation sector closer to the trade union movement. Recognising both as key players in maintaining an effective and dynamic civil society.
  • Bringing the beneficial civil society role of trade unions to greater public attention.

Value for money

We will also make sure value for money is part of everything we do:

  • Effectiveness – are we doing the right things?
  • Efficiency – are we doing things the right way?
  • Economy – are we doing things at the right cost?
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