Stop the Clock

4 Day Week campaign:

Acting on climate change has never been more popular in the UK, with 8 in 10 either ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ concerned about climate change.

There has been unprecedented recognition of the Climate Emergency since 2019 with mass protests, school strikes, warnings from the Bank of England, and the Committee on Climate Change insisting the bulk of policy action must happen within the next decade has built pressure for more ambitious action. This frames the need for the government to show greater climate leadership in the run-up to the 2021 UN COP26 Climate talks in Glasgow in November.

This report summarises existing sector-specific and economy-wide studies and literature exploring the range of environmental benefits resulting from a four-day working week, as well as the risks of potential negative environmental impacts. We consider how a four-day working week could support a cultural paradigm shift in how we generate abundance as a society, towards more sustainable futures. The conclusion identifies policies and measures that can help deliver the environmental benefits of a four-day working week. Finally, the report’s methodology appendix lays out our analysis on the potential reductions to the UK’s carbon footprint.

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